Fundraising Goal: $10,000

Meghan Hamilton, owner & founder of GLAMbeauty bar and the Hadley Beauty Co., is on a mission to empower women through her love of makeup & all things beauty! (And raise a ton of money for Metro Sunset Rotary & PAL in the mean time!)

Meghan grew up in Ridgefield (GO SPUDS!) and left the great NW for 10 years for the sunshine of San Diego where her love for makeup and skincare grew exponentially. But there truly is no place like home, so Meghan moved back to Vancouver in May of 2013 with her husband Mike (who at the age of 37 had just retired from a 20 year career as a Marine!!!- GO MIKE!!!!) and their awesome daughter Hadley. Meghan started taking clients out of a small room in Salmon Creek, and dreamed of bigger & better beauty things while waxing, airbrush tanning & makeup.

Just 2 years later, with a lot of blood sweat & tears, GLAMbeauty bar was born in May of 2015- more than just a fun place to get makeup, spray tans and the latest and greatest hairstyles. When dreaming of creating this place, Meghan wanted to create a beautiful, special, affordable beauty bar that she would personally want to come to as a client. Over the top customer service, attention to detail, but without the stuffy notion that only a certain kind of client was welcome here. The belief that when women feel their best (whatever that means to them- it’s very personal!) then they can take on the world in a way that they might not have otherwise. That’s what Meghan, GLAM & Hadley Beauty Co all stand for and believe in. Empowered women, empower women. GIRL POWER!