Erik Morton

Fundraising Goal: $10,000


My name is Sharon Morton, and I want to welcome you to my real life dream of dating the Prom King!!! My husband, Erik (with a K) Morton owns a State Farm in the revitalized Spark Furniture building, and is helping me to pursue this lifelong dream. Erik was born & raised in the New England area where he grew his love for all things Insurance, Red Sox and real deal maple syrup. We met & fell in love in college in Lakeland, Florida where we got this close to the Prom Court title through school, but only got to the Homecoming level. So THIS opportunity… this is my redemption song.

Despite not clenching the Prom title, life went on after Homecoming. Erik and I married, started our beautiful family (we have 3 awesome boys named Jarek, Jase & Jakoby who seriously light up our lives). Erik worked for GEICO while I was able to stay home with our boys and eventually we decided to make the transition to owning our own State Farm office (which has been it’s own awesome adventure)! We couldn’t be more excited to be a part of the downtown community, and helping those around us is truly the heart and soul of who and what we are. The very best part about being in the Insurance world is that you truly get to help people at so many different stages of their life.

In closing, I just want you to know that I would be SO THRILLED… Oops, I mean WE… we would truly be thrilled to win the title. Helping raise money for Metro Sunset Rotary + PAL & getting the redemption I dream of is a Win-Win. We love this community and can’t think of a better way to show our love by giving back. I hope you cast your vote for Erik, and in turn help me date my real life Prom King!!!